Songwriting Workshop with Rab Noakes
Sunday 11th June

Brodick Hall


Rab Noakes

Rab Noakes will conduct an illustrated workshop, lasting about an hour.In this Rab will highlight two aspects of his musical work - The first is songwriting and the other accompaniment/performance.
He will demonstrate some of the methods he uses as a songwriter referring to a range of songs written both by himself and by others. Itíll include how they were written, how they were improved and how they were considered completed.
The second aspect is the art of accompaniment. This relates to the songwriting as the narrative takes us from composition to performance. Rab will engage the audience in a Q&A session.
This is an hour full of information, music and stimulation.
£5 adults

Event Details

Venue:Brodick Hall
Start Time:11:00
End Time:12:30

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