Traditional Innovative Music from Brittany


For nearly thirty years Dremmwel has been on the road, unpacking their Breton fest-noz music in concerts, pubs, theatres and festivals, in Brittany, France, and abroad (Belgium , Wales , Switzerland, Scotland , Austria , USA , Netherlands, England, Germany ...)

At one time heard only occasionally, the harp has now become the true trademark of the group. Too often confined to the cosiness of the drawing room the harp is now mixing it with the riff-raff on stage! Able to switch between being an accompanist and taking the melody line with rhythmic and harmonic ease, there was no reason why it couldn't hold its own in dance music

Saturday 11th May. Corrie Hall. 7:30pm.
Tickets 11 (includes booking fee).

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Venue:Corrie Hall
Start Time:19:30
End Time:22:30

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