For ages 6
Saturday 28th September 2019
Whiting Bay Hall
Tickets are £5.50 or £16.00 for a Family Ticket (including booking fee)

**** (4 stars from The Herald, The Times, The Stage & from Broadway Baby)

What if your food started talking back?
Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. Being very hungry, Lionel hasn’t chewed his food, so Mamoru is still alive and very well in his stomach and now he wants to say hello. A strange friendship between the eater and the eaten stars to grow. Meanwhile, Lionel’s breakfast wants to say hello…from his bottom! Eaten invites children and grown-ups to the fascinating world of the food web. Eaten asks what should we eat? And who should eat us?! Nominated for Best Production for Children and Young People at the 2018 Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland, Eaten is a show for everyone aged 6 about food, eating and being eaten.

Whiting Bay Hall. 2:00pm

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Venue:Whiting Bay Hall
Start Time:14:00
End Time:15:00

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