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What is a Feis?

feis, -ean, s.f. Feast, gathering, festival.
Feis (plural Feisean) is the Gaelic word for a festival or feast. However over the past thirty years the word has become synonomous with the Feis movement; a group of Gaelic arts tuition festivals, mainly for young people, which now take place throughout Scotland.
A Feis is an opportunity for individuals to come together to develop skills in the Gaelic arts - song, dance, drama, and traditional music on a wide range of instruments. Tuition is accessible and fun, but professional and effective.

There are two events open to the public during Feis week on Arran - A ceilidh featuring this year's tutors, and a concert by the children participating so they can show off what they have learnt during the week.

Feis Ceilidh

Feis Concert

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