Music Arran

Music Arran

Music Arran programme 2018-19

Saturday 17th November
AB24 Aberdeen Baroque

playing Baroque music, Bach and Vivaldi.
Brodick Hall. 7:30 pm

Saturday 19th January
Pure Brass
playing Gabrielli, Monteverdi and MacMillan.
Brodick Hall. 7:30 pm

Saturday 16th February
The Magnard Ensemble,
Tunnell Trust winners sponsored by EMS playing Ligetti, MacMillan, Bach, Orban, Mozart.
Brodick Hall. 7:30 pm

Saturday 16th March
Escocia Duo
playing Bartok, Paganini, Maxwell-Davies, and Piazolla.
Brodick Hall. 7:30 pm

    Good audiences and a healthy membership support our application for funding from Enterprise Music Scotland (EMS), which we make annually. Funding from EMS subsidises a large part of our programme, but if membership and audience numbers dwindle, so also will the funds from EMS dwindle. So please join today if you haven't already, even if you can't attend every concert.

    You Can Help Us By :

  • Becoming or Renewing your membership
  • Making a donation/raffle prize
  • Becoming a sponsor, advertise in our programme £50 per season
  • Help recruit additional members, friends and family
  • Bring friends to our next concert
  • Please speak to one of the Committee: Sandra Bentley, Susanna Talbot, Heather Gough, Jan MacGregor, John Roberts. Assisted by Jane Howe and Joni Keen.

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