The Pierhead Tavern

The Pierhead Tavern
Welcome to the PHT! We (Jane & Alastair Howe) are, since April 2015, proud owners of the Pierhead Tavern. We are committed & determined to to provide a place of hospitality to the Arran community along with those who visit.

Forthcoming live music

Music at The Pierhead Tavern, Lamlash

This Weekend :
Saturday 28th July. 9pm - "Steve Young"
Sunday 29th July 4pm - "Steve Young"

Friday 3rd August. 9pm - "Scott Manson"
Saturday 4th August. 9pm - "Rough Cut"
Sunday 5th August 4pm - "tbc"

Saturday 11th August. 9pm - "Skaledonia"
Sunday 12th August 4pm - "Swyn" & "Hingin By A Thread"

Friay 17th August. 9pm - "Scott Nichol"
Saturday 18th August. 9pm - "Scott Nichol"
Sunday 19th August 4pm - "Mic Clark"

Saturday 25th August. 9pm - "Audioclass"
Sunday 26th August 4pm - "Charlie & Cori Gorman"

Saturday 1st Sept. 9pm - "Arizona"
Sunday 2nd Sept. 4pm - "Aimee Penman"

Friday 7th Sept. 9pm - "Steve Young"
Saturday 8th Sept. 9pm - "George Lindsay Blues"
Sunday 9th Sept. 4pm - "George Lindsay Blues"

Saturday 15th Sept. 9pm - "Slider"
Sunday 16th Sept. 4pm - "Slider Mellow"

Friday 21st Sept. 9pm - "Midtown Riot"
Saturday 15th Sept. 9pm - "Midtown Riot"
Sunday 16th Sept. 4pm - "Midtown Riot"

Saturday 29th Sept. 9pm - "Steve Hepworth Band"
Sunday 30th Sept. 4pm - "Jimmy Blair Accordion orchestra"

Saturday 6th Oct. 9pm - "Alloway Grove"
Sunday 7th Oct. 4pm - "Jasmine McFadyen"

Saturday 13th Oct. 9pm - "Vague Reality"
Sunday 14th Oct. 4pm - "Martyn C Mclean"

Saturday 20th Oct. 9pm - "Mike Cullen"
Sunday 21st Oct. 4pm - "Mike Cullen"

Saturday 27th Oct. 9pm - "Fraser John Lindsay Blues Incentive"
Sunday 28th Oct. 4pm - "Heather McLeod"

Saturday 3rd Nov. 9pm - "Esperanza"
Sunday 4th Nov. 4pm - "Esperanza"

Saturday 10th Nov. 9pm - "The Return of the Straw Dogs"
Sunday 11th Nov. 4pm - "Scott Macdonald"

Saturday 17th Nov. 9pm - "Buchanan Street Preachers"
Sunday 18th Nov. 4pm - "Buchanan Street Preachers"

Saturday 24th Nov. 9pm - "George Lindsay Blues"
Sunday 25th Nov. 4pm - "George Lindsay Blues"

Saturday 1st Dec. 9pm - "Creek Crosby & The Crewcuts"
Sunday 2nd Dec. 4pm - "Creek Crosby & The Crewcuts"

Saturday 8th Dec. 9pm - "Rewind"

Saturday 15th Dec. 9pm - "Heavy Traffic"

Saturday 22nd Dec. 9pm - "Auld School Rock"

The PHT is looking for a bands to perform "Saturday Night's Rock" and all types of musicians for "Sunday Mellow Mix" apply

We are happy to provide backline, drums, bass, guitar for young musicians who want to play in a band.

For further info and to contact The PHT, click HERE


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